L.Fedorov & I.Krutogolov
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L.Fedorov & I.Krutogolov

Givatayim Theatre - small hall
saturday, 20:00
179 - 230 ש"ח Buy tickets

Leonid Fedorov - guitar, vocals

Igor Krutogolov - bass, vocals

Leonid Fedorov (AuktYon), is the leader of the group "AuktYon", and Igor Krutogolov, avant-garde player, bass guitarist and leader of the Israeli avant-rock group "Kruzenshtern and Parokhod" began working together in 2013. They perform together only a few times a year, either in the expanded composition of the Fedorov and Kruzenshtern project, or as a couple. And, living in different countries, they try to use each meeting to write new material.

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